May 4, 2012

Beautiful Weeds

The hubby and I have been super busy the past few weeks so yard upkeep has flown out the window. There are mutant dandelions in one corner of the yard that are as tall as I am. Yikes. A couple days ago I ventured around to one side of our house to fetch Mochi‘s ball (wait . . .isn’t she supposed to be doing the fetching?) and was greeted by these beautiful pops of orange.

And check out the crazy side view of these flowers!

This picture is a little blurry because the wind refused to cooperate with me.

Out of curiosity, I wandered over to the other side of the house and discovered these delicate pink lovelies!

We definitely haven’t planted any flowers so I guess these are just gorgeous weeds!

Does anyone know what they are?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend =)





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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Weeds

  1. Christine,

    What a lucky find. The orange flowers are nasturtiums and they are edible. They have a peppery watercress like flavor and can be used in salads. Enjoy!


    • Oh, how neat! I love peppery flavored plants (arugula, watercress), so I will definitely whip up a salad to try these on. Thanks a bunch, Karen!

  2. The nasturtium seeds are used as capers! The pink one is Mexican evening primrose and need little to no attention, perfect!
    Rosemary, friend of Robin.

    • Yay! Thank you so much, Rosemary. Little to no attention . . . I see why they’re growing quite nicely in our yard ;) .

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