May 24, 2012

Nasturtium Recipes

Remember the pretty orange “weeds” that I found growing beside my house? A lovely reader, Karen, informed me that these are not weeds but edible flowers called Nasturtiums! They have a tangy, peppery flavor. You can eat the flowers, leaves, stems and even the seeds.

I’ve never eaten a flower before, but I think I should take advantage of my unexpected garden! I found some amazing looking Nasturtium recipes while perusing the web, and I’m excited about how versatile of an ingredient it is! Now to decide which to try first . . .


 Spring Spinach and Nasturtium Salad - This looks like the perfect summer salad.

Stuffed Nasturtium Blooms - What a pretty and unique appetizer this would be!

Nasturtium Cookies - I kind of want to eat these by the handful.

Nasturtium Lemon Butter - Have you ever seen butter this colorful?

Nasturtium Pesto - I’ve been on a pesto kick lately so this looks awesome.

I’ll keep you posted on which recipe(s) I decide to make!






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