May 8, 2012

Premier of “A Minute with Mochi”!

I’m happy to present the very first episode of “A Minute with Mochi”! It’s a wee bit longer than one minute but pilot episodes are always longer right? ;)

Hope you enjoy!



How about that fancy egg cracking maneuver for egg #8?!

One of Mochi’s favorite games is finding treats that we hide around the house. She has a keen sniffer and always finds the treats in no time! To add a bit of a challenge for her, I tried putting her treats inside Easter eggs. She quickly learned to crack them open (gently) to get the treats inside. She has had several indoor Easter egg hunts but this was her very first outdoor hunt!


Curious as to what was in Mochi’s eggs? Well here ya go!

Yummy! A selection of her favorites. A lot healthier than your typical Easter egg fillings wouldn’t you say?


I hope to keep making more Mochi videos to share with you, so stay tuned for episode 2!



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